Wooden cat tree, Natural
Wooden cat tree, Natural
Wooden cat tree, Natural
Wooden cat tree, Natural
Wooden cat tree, Natural
Wooden cat tree, Natural
Wooden cat tree, Natural

Wooden cat tree, Natural

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product description:
Our Multi-Level Cat Tree is a multifunctional activity center, integrates scratching posts, hammock, sisal, perches and condo, can accommodate multiple kittens at the same time. improve the utilization rate of space. Layers of progressive design, whether it is a kitten or an adult cat, can easily go up and down. Pure color design is simple and easy to match, the curved frame makes this cat tree look like a work of art. Add a play space for your pet so it won’t get bored even when you’re not at home. By dividing its exclusive space, respecting its territorial consciousness, increasing its happiness.

About this item:
Multi-layer Structure:6 layers cat tree provide a enough space and more activity for kitties, while maintain a suitable height to prevent the kitten from being injured when jumping to the ground, this cat tree can hold more cats at the same time.
Comfort Zone of Kittens:The hammock and cambered perches at high places of this cat tree conform to the habits of feelings. 3 thicken plush perches and 1 cat condo keep kittens warm. Don’t worry about messy pet supplies all over the floor anymore.
Avoid Damage:The cylindrical steps on both sides of the cat tree are covered by sisal. The second layer is equipped with a large area scratching pad. Kittens can grind their claws in many places by themselves, protect the furniture from damage.
Reliable Partner:Natural high-quality engineered wood boards make the cat tree more durable and easier to clean. The large-area base increases the stability of the cat tree, ensures the safety of your felling friends. Can stand the test of time.
Easy Assemble:This cat tree has many functions but is easier to install. We will sent detailed installation manual and necessary tools with cat tree. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will respond within 24 hours.

Features and Benefits:
-The 6-layer cat tree can accommodate multiple kitties at the same time, with a total height of 62.4", easy to disassemble and assemble.
-Large-area base greatly improves the stability of cat tree, so there is no need to worry about the cat tree tipping when your cat is playing.
-The scratching posts on the second layer and the natural sisal on both sides provide enough claw grinding area for cats.
-This cat tree is a cat amusement park in the home that integrates resting places and play items.
-Solid wood cat tree is more scratch resistant, have greater density and hardness, is not easily deformed, so has a longer lifespan.

-Material: Solid Plywood + Sisal +Hardware
-Frame Size:34”L x 31.6”W x 62.4”H
-Color: Natural Color /Brown
-Package Weight:: 29 KGS


What's included:
1 x Cat tree
1 x Hardware accessories
1 x Assembly Instruction