Modern Soft Loveseat Sofa

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Product Description:
Our furniture advocates minimalist style and simple installation. Allows you to add decoration to your home without any hassle. Simple lines and fluffy cushions are a comfortable rest point for you. It can not only integrate into different home decoration styles, but also exist in the company's lounges and meeting rooms.

Detailed dimensioning allows you to make more precise choices.

Appearance Details:
The clean lines add beauty to the sofa.

The sofa cushion is a combination of sponge and spring components. The 126 small springs inside are flexible enough to support 200Lbs and make it comfortable.

Simple Assembly:
Our installation is very simple.
First fix the coaxial screw of the armrest. Then pass the screw of the armrest through the holes at both ends of the seat frame. Fix the nut. Then insert the backrest into the metal buckles at both ends of the armrest.

After sales service:
In order to create well-known brands, improve corporate visibility, and establish a corporate image, the company is in the spirit of pursuing high quality.

The soft cushion:
The soft cushions are full of baby cotton. Provide good support and wrapping for the back. Let you relax.

This style can be integrated into home furniture as well as office and public environments. Various combinations are applicable.

About this item:
  • This sofa is a modern minimalist design, double-layer fabric sofa, classic tufted design, doll cotton pad, softer and more comfortable.
  • Solid wood frame, stable and not easy to shake. The buffer spring is supported, full of elasticity and does not deform.
  • Made from high breathable short velvet fabric, it is soft and warm. The mat is filled with a large amount of doll cotton to provide a comfortable support for the back.
  • This sofa is suitable for living spaces in the living room, bedroom, cloakroom, etc. It can also be used as office furniture in the office for business negotiations.
  • It fits in a small space, sofa size: 54.3"L x 29.1" W x 32.3"H, Seat size: 16.9" H (from the floor) x 48.4" L. Easy to install.